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Demystifying Quai Network Tokenomics: Understanding Quai and Qi Tokens

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Quai Network is a decentralized protocol with a unique tokenomics model designed to incentivize network security and facilitate various use cases within the ecosystem. In this post, we’ll delve into the details of Quai Network’s tokenomics, including its two native tokens, token dynamics, and genesis allocations.

Token Overview

The Quai Network protocol features two native tokens: Quai and Qi. These tokens serve distinct purposes within the ecosystem.

Quai Token

Quai is designed as a programmable store-of-value within Quai Network. It has a fixed supply and supports smart-contracting capabilities.

Qi Token

Qi serves as a medium of exchange within Quai Network. Its supply is responsive to demand and is used for transactions within the ecosystem.

Token Dynamics

The token dynamics of Quai and Qi are governed by block rewards, conversions, and difficulty adjustments, ensuring a balanced and secure network.

Genesis Allocations

Quai Network has pre-defined allocations for various purposes, including community incentives, strategic partnerships, and team rewards. Here’s a breakdown of the genesis allocations:

Allocation Purpose Importance
Foundation Maximize adoption of the Quai protocol Acts as a reserve to fund future innovations, partnerships, and ecosystem growth
Community Incentives Encourage and reward active participation and contribution from the community Set at the protocol’s inception, with strict criteria for distribution
Strategic Partners Align with entities that can provide strategic value Helps in scaling the project, accessing new markets, and leveraging external expertise
Founders Compensate and incentivize the project’s founders Ensures the founders are motivated to contribute to the project’s success
Team Reward and retain talented team members Essential for building a strong team committed to the project’s vision
Testnet Incentives Incentivize participation in the testnet phase Ensures a robust, well-tested network before full deployment
Exchange Liquidity Provide liquidity on exchanges for the project’s token Essential for enabling easy trading and fair pricing of the token
Earn Program Reward users for specific activities that benefit the network Encourages behaviors that directly contribute to the network’s health and growth


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Rohit Sen
Rohit Senhttp://btctaka.com
A student of Indian Global Economics, Rohit found Bitcoin in 2011 and has been an evangelist ever since. His interests lie in Bitcoin security, open-source systems, network effects and the intersection between economics and cryptography.
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